Red wine papaya soup International Women's Bodymunity recognized as the most advanced breast acini to promote theory,bined with Europe's most state-of-the-art frozen extraction technology of deep repair, activate, support, breast cells to the development of secondary re-mention fullness.

Red wine papaya soup has been granted a Korean patent in the country, in strict accordance with internationalGMP, The State Food and Drug safety and quality standards of production, and by the Ministry of Health, State Administration of Quality Supervision, testing and certification, no heavy metal residues, no chemical ingredients, no additives and preservatives.100%Green and safe.

Korea BEAUTYLINE Red Wine Papaya Soup featured Taiwan green papaya extract, Thailand Pueraria extract, red wine polyphenols, collagen peptides, lycopene as the main raw material.

It is a new concept of high-tech purification functional health drinks formula,complementing the female biological body with more than 40 kinds of essential trace elements.

With a cup a day, it assist you to reshape charming curves you always dreamt of.

On top of that,drinking it often can also has the effects of anti-oxidation and slimming and whitening too.